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alarmas para hogar

Home alarms: options to secure your home

Installing home alarms is one of the best decisions we can make when it comes to increasing the security of our home. A security alarm will give you the necessary peace of mind when you are away during the holidays and also on a daily basis, thanks to the detection of intruders and the possibility of remotely controlling what is happening at home.

Security alarms provide a good deterrent measure to prevent strangers from accessing private property. Most facilities warn with presence signs, which according to surveys by the main insurance companies, prevent a very high percentage of thefts and unauthorized access. Typically, properties with visible signs are discarded by thieves or criminals who prefer easier targets.

At Eurosystems 24 we are experts in the installation and maintenance of all types of security systems and we can advise you on the best security alarms on the market. We only work with the latest technologies, effective to avoid risks to people and their property. We are specialized in well-protected homes and businesses thanks to the addition of deterrent measures and electronic elements.

alarmas para hogar

Home alarms: what do they offer me?

Home alarms are one of the best protection elements due to their effectiveness. Among the tips that the Civil Guard offers us to improve the security of our home, they always recommend them as a measure to prevent theft at home. And at Eurosystems 24 we can offer you the appropriate devices for each location:

  • alarms with camera and mobile application: a state-of-the-art security system that guarantees a connection to a checkpoint, or if you prefer, its management through your own mobile phone. With this type of home alarms you will be able to monitor in real time and whenever you need it what is happening in your home. They are prepared to cover a large number of rooms and do it in different ways: with infrared sensors, with magnetic contacts on doors and windows… A sophisticated alarm to forget about the security of your home.
  • alarm with video transmission: when the important thing is to collect images of what is happening. Its image capture system allows video verification 24 hours a day. A system that also detects by sound and that you can arm and disarm from your own cell phone. And if at any time its power fails, the same device will notify you by SMS.
  • grade 2 alarms: these types of alarms always have a connection to a control center and the police. Very suitable for any type of home, they are ideal for country houses and chalets. Alarms of this type are the Pitbull Eldes kit, the Neo Grade 2 Mixed kit or the Pitbull Mixed kit.

At Eurosystems 24 we know how complicated it is to choose between different devices and we can help you choose the most appropriate one. We are a security alarm company in Barcelona that was born in 1997 with the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of goods and people and we will be happy to listen to you.


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