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Alarms for businesses: which is the safest alarm.

The security needs when choosing between alarms for businesses differ quite a bit from what we are looking for among home alarms. Both equipment usually have the same basic devices that are complemented with complementary accessories to increase their effectiveness. The choice of the system and its complements is also different depending on whether it is a low, medium or high risk level business.

At Eurosystem we are experts in the security of high-level businesses that need extra surveillance, such as pharmacies, jewelry stores, banks, tobacconists or gas stations. Businesses that, due to their high exposure, require the best devices and a maintenance and after-sales service that guarantees the perfect functioning of the security system.

Alarms for Grade 3 businesses:

When we need to protect a business that has high-value goods, dangerous goods or sensitive documents, we will need a system that guarantees maximum security. For this type of business they are known as Grade 3 alarms. And if you are still not sure if you need this type of alarms for businesses we can advise you based on current regulations which alarm system would be the most convenient.

According to the UNE-EN 50131-1 Standard, grade 3 alarms are “intended for establishments required to have security measures, as well as other commercial or industrial facilities that, due to their activity or other circumstances, are required to have a connection to alarm center or, where appropriate, to a control center”.

If something important characterizes this type of alarm, it is that they provide for the possibility that the intruder may be aware of the different security systems and may have tools and electronic devices. Furthermore, they not only protect the entry points, but also the ceilings and walls. And according to regulations, they must have a video surveillance system connected to the alarm receiving center or the police.

At Eurosystem 24, security alarm company in Barcelona, we carry out the installation and maintenance of this type of alarms, and among them we highlight our Grade 3 alarm kit, suitable for high-risk installations.




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