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Pitbull alarms

The Pitbull Alarm is an intrusion alarm control panel, designed for homes, second homes, cottages, vacation homes, garages, and other types of buildings. Pitbull Alarm uses GSM / GPRS communication channels. The system alerts users via SMS, call or notifications in the mobile application. It also sends reports to the alarm receiving center, using its preferred protocol.

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We are experts in the installation of security systems suitable for banks, jewelry stores, etc. It has: Double transmission route to the alarm receiving center (Via telephone and via GPRS), compulsory connection to an alarm receiving center, mandatory installation of Surveillance cameras (CCTV) and the impossibility of the alarm being neutralized by the mugger (anti-masking system of detectors or anti-frequency inhibitors)

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Work with us We are looking for people specialized in the installation of cameras.

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